Type of Leads We generate three type of leads for our residential clients clients:

  • Website Leads: The first type of lead we generate is a website/portal lead from our website (i.e. http://www.discoversolar.org ) using media channels like paid search, SEO, and affiliates.
  • Call Verified Leads: The second type of lead is a call verified lead through our call center. We first find consumers that have expressed interested in a residential solar and then call them. On the phone, we revalidate the consumers interest, verify their contact info, ask a few qualifying questions (credit score etc..), and ensure they meet the minimum requirements. Those that qualify are then sent to current clients.
  • Warm Transfers: See below.

All leads we generate are exclusive and sold to just one client. For the test, we prefer to work on a pay per lead model but are more than willing to be flexible after a test.

Lead Delivery  We set the expectation with the consumer so that they are expecting either a call or a visit for a free solar assessment/consultations. We also use a third party lead management system and would be able to give you online access to your lead account/reporting. We deliver all of our leads in real time unless you would prefer another method (i.e. email files, daily batch files etc.). All the leads you will receive are TCPA compliant.  

Lead Volume: Based on your lead requirements and state targeting we could generate a few hundred to a couple thousand leads a month for you. We currently target 29 states based on zips but if we had enough demand could easily open that up to other states. We are currently generating over 4,000 leads a month with projections to be over 10,000 leads a month within the next 3 months.

  • Warm Transfers:
  • Appointment setting: We will actually work with the solar client and the consumer and set the consultation appointment for the client.
  • Retention/Remarketing Initiatives: We will be able to recontact old prospect and revalidate/convert them for the client. This will all be branded under the clients name and brand.
  • Customer Service: We will be able to act as a customer service center for different client using their name and brand. We will have trained professionals ready to answer any questions.

If we do the appointment set, then we have a Quality Verification manager that live verifies the information along with the in home appointment time. Once the consumer agrees to everything, we have the TCPA exit language on there and we post that lead into your CRM.

Canvassed Leads